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About Us

10 Bedroom Villas in Bali is an ultimate online service for travellers looking for a massive villa for a holiday. Together with the Ministry of Villas we help you research, select and book the dream villa catering to your tastes, budget and special requests. Using the latest technology, knowledge, experience and passion, we strive for delivering the best experience and personal service in finding guests the perfect villa.

The Perfect Ten in Bali

Flawless villas for the ultimate holiday.

What makes our service stand out is a personal approach in finding the villa and the careful inspection of each property that appears on our site. Today, there is not enough quality control online that’s why we personally inspect each villa before displaying it. Moreover, our service is entirely free, so you get the best price without any additional cost or fees. And, of course, you get the level of service and extras that other companies simply cannot match.